How to Examine a Wolverine

Another sixty stories and essays in a sequel to the best-selling The Accidental Veterinarian

Animals ranging from tiny honeybees to massive Burmese pythons are discussed, although the emphasis is on dogs and cats and the always interesting, often quirky, people who love them. Advise is given on current topics such as CBD oil, raw diets, and covid-19, and the mysteries of catnip, dog flatulence, and duck erectile dysfunction are unveiled. The reader is also given an intimate look behind the scenes at a profession that is much admired, but often misunderstood. What is it really like to be a veterinarian? More to the point, what is it really like to be a veterinarian when random confused people call at 2:00 a.m.? Or when your patient bolts for the road? Or when you’re asked to spay a dog on a resort’s kitchen table?

Readers will also learn how to make a sheep sit on its bum and, yes, how to examine a wolverine.


"The deep, heartfelt essays of veterinarian Philipp Schott’s How to Examine a Wolverine read like rewarding animal memes. Together, they are an engaging study of the behaviors of pets and the people who care for them." - Foreword Reviews

"Schott intersperses his cute and touching animal stories with useful information for pet owners as well as reflections on his career and the responsibility to care for people’s beloved companions. Schott’s writing style is conversational, which makes How to Examine a Wolverine an easy and enjoyable read."    - Winnipeg Free Press 

"This volume might be the coziest thing I’ve ever read. In fact, this book makes me wish that I could spend a Sunday afternoon with the doc himself, a mug of tea, and lots of time for me to winkle every cat and dog story out of him that I can." - A Bookish Type